About Us

Thanks for stopping by. Firstly, this is not a dating site. This is a site that reviews dating sites. Millionaire dating sites, specifically. We review some of the most known millionaire dating sites in the dating industry, in terms of the number of user base, the features, the price of membership, the quality of customer service and so on. Our goal is to give you a better idea of what kind of dating sites you should go for, and help you find your significant other half in the shortest time possible, without wasting too much time and money.

This site is dedicated to providing an opportunity for millionaires to meet other people with whom they share mutual interests, as there's often very little time that millionaires could use for dating because of their busy work and fast paced life. If from our professional perspective (I say this very humbly!) we manage to give you some useful advice on choosing the right site, our mission is completed.

Have a read on these reviews I write for you guys. I personally have been on all of these dating sites so I know if any one of them fits you or not. There's always someone who's just right for you - have faith in that and make the first move. You never know what could be waiting outside.