To be perfectly clear, we did not actually end up paying for the membership fees. We wanted to make that perfectly clear before we ever continue with this review, because the fees are rather 'staggering' when compared to the other millionaire dating sites. Even in the 'rich dating' niche, this website manages to stand out and offer something quite different from what you might be expecting.

We can look at all the different features that makes stand out from many of the competitors, and you can decide for yourself whether this is something that you are interested in.

Some of the important features

Unlike many of the other millionaire dating websites, is not just about mixing and matching, it is about having personalized service establish matches for you. Perhaps you have seen the Bravo show, The Millionaire Matchmaker. This website is the brainchild of the person behind that show – Patti Stanger. Rather than just relying on basic information, actually has ties to an image consultant, hypnotherapist, date coach, relationship counselor, and a leading psychologist.

Becoming a member to the millionaire matchmaker website is not easy, you have to submit your personal information for review, and you have to undergo an exhaustive interview as well. This ensures that people who join the website are not just randomly passing by, but are actually interested in what is being offered here.

The price and advantage of premium membership

This is where we are sure we will lose a great number of people who are reading this, because the prices at MillionairesClub123 are rather remarkable. For starters, the cheapest package (the Sapphire/intro package) offered by MillionairesClub123 lasts only 6 months and costs you $25,000. That is not a spelling error either, 25K for a 30-minute relationship counseling session and the ability to get to meet some of the people screened by the service. After this, the prices go to 45K for a year at the Bronze package, all the way to 100K+ for the Platinum package.

How popular is the website

If there were ever a website that earned the adage 'quality over quantity', it is The number of listings within our immediate area was limited (no more than 20 within a decent radius) but the quality was impressive. These were women who were not only intelligent (most of them claiming to have college degrees), but they were also stunning to look at. Again, we cannot speak of the other features of the website, but the selection certainly seemed appealing.

Personal conclusion

Actually rating it can be quite a challenge, primarily because of its rather exorbitant pricing. If you are looking for a sugar baby, there are far more affordable alternatives on the market (and we do mean FAR more). At the same time, if you are serious about establishing a relationship and you have the money available, is the money really an object? Because you have a chance to meet someone who is not only extensively screened, but also knows a great deal about you before you ever meet.

If you are interested in getting the best possible relationship advice and want to get in touch with someone who is actually renowned for her ability to get people together, may be just for you. If you are more interested in casual dating or want to 'play the field' a bit more, there are other, far more affordable options on the market.

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