You can find two types of people on, those who are looking for people with a specific income, and those who want people who are charming, sweet, and presentable. is one of the largest websites that caters to both men and women who are looking to establish a relationship with someone who is more affluent, a niche otherwise referred to as 'wealthy dating'.

When you first go to, you will see that the website is not merely about casual dating, but rather focuses on a long-term process that helps people come together. Does SeekingMillionaire deliver on that aspect, or does it make false promises? We will let you know in our review.

Some of the important features

Signing up for is free, and you only need some personal information, including your email address, birthday, and more. You do share a bit about the type of person you are after, but there is far more information available later on.

One of the nicest things about Seeking Millionaire is the fact that you need to complete the relationship section and upload a picture before you are able to access certain standard features. Even though this might seem like a hassle to people who just want to look and see what is available, remember that other members have to do the same. This means that you will have more interested people who visit your profile rather than browsers.

One neat feature about Seeking Millionaire that I did not see many other places is the background check. This gives members a verified icon on his or her profile, meaning that this is someone who is serious about using the service. The background check is done by a professional company and is likely to lead to far more interest from the opposite sex.

The price and advantage of premium membership

At $29.50 a month, is certainly not the most expensive website that caters to this specific demographic. However, the question is – is it worth actually paying extra for a premium membership? Some of the benefits that you have include:

•A more advanced search – Narrow down exactly what you are looking for, age, weight, and other specific features that are important to you
•Make pictures private – Why share your pictures with the world, perhaps you want to keep a few pictures separate for people you are interested in
•Featured status – This helps you stand out from the rest of the people on the website. The website highlights your profile in orange, giving you some extra visibility
•Messages and winks – You are able to interact with possible partners that you are interested in

How popular is the website

Remember that promotes itself as a step above the competition. In fact, it promises to deliver 'aspiring women' who are above the ordinary. This means that the number of options you come across is much smaller, but of far higher quality. This is certainly evident in your matches. You still have a few pages of options, but you will find that the matches do in fact present more of a charming quality.

Personal conclusion

If you are serious about finding a wealthy or attractive partner, SeekingMillionaire certainly delivers on that aspect. It does not have a great deal of other features (there is no forum, there is no chat room) but ultimately the site still does what it promises.

Because your pictures are manually verified and you have people who are scanning through your profile (rather than having this process be automated), you can be sure that you are dealing with people who have in fact taken the steps to verify themselves. It does offer a practical, affordable way to get in touch with the type of person that you are after.

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