Wealthymen.com review

Whether you are a wealthy millionaire who wants to find a successful, attractive partner to date or want someone who can support you financially, WealthyMen.com promises that it will be the gateway to finding a mutually beneficial relationship. The dating service offered at WealthyMen.com is tailored to men who make in excess of $85,000 every year.

WealthyMen.com is one of the larger websites that caters to exclusive, affluent dating. Unlike some of the other websites that we have come across, WealthyMen.com does not waste a great deal of time talking about possibilities, but makes it clear that both parties are seeking a mutually beneficial relationship narrowed down by specific parameters.

Some of the important features

If you are looking for people to date, one of the things that you want is a quick and easy search function that helps you narrow down the people you want to talk to. WealthyMen.com certainly offers that, and it offers a quick and advanced search tool. Within minutes of joining the website, you are able to narrow down members based on a number of parameters, including distance, when they last logged on, height, weight, etc.

Another important factor that sets WealthyMen.com apart from many of the other dating websites is that it features a unique picture, income, and profession-verification process. This means that the profiles that you see on the website are actually real.

The price and advantage of premium membership

There is nothing more frustrating than trying a dating website and then finding out that you have wasted a three-month membership on nothing. The good thing is that for just $9.95, you are able to try WealthyMen.com for seven days as a gold member. This means that you get a gold membership (the absolute premium on the site) and are able to explore everything that WealthyMen.com has to offer.

The silver membership costs $24.95 every month or $49.95 for three months. The gold membership costs $39.95 per month, but if you sign up for three months, you can enjoy significant savings at $59.95

Some of the benefits of having a premium membership include the following:

• Read and reply to all messages
• View all profiles and photos
• You can e-mail free members and they can reply to you (gold members only)
• More members see your profile because you are at the top of all searches (gold members only)

While you are able to look around as a free member, if you are serious about getting a date with WealthyMen.com, the premium memberships offered certainly warrant the extra money if you want to find a date.

How popular is Wealthymen.com

When you do a basic search as a male, you will find that there are around 10 women for every man on the website. Most of the women found on WealthyMen.com are over the age of 25, and even when searching in a relatively small location, there are quite a few options available.

Personal conclusion

If you are looking for a wealthy man to have a relationship with, WealthyMen.com is one of the better options. Because of the verification process, both parties know that the person that they are speaking to is in fact who they claim to be. This alone is a tremendous benefit that most websites are unable (or unwilling) to offer. The added validity that you get from a profile found on WealthyMen.com clearly draws women onto the site as well.

Even though the website that WealthyMen.com uses is a bit basic, that should not prevent you from trying it out. Whether you are a sugar baby wanting to find a relationship or are an affluent male seeking a qualified partner, WealthyMen.com certainly delivers on each aspect. I recommend giving the trial a shot and seeing for yourself whether this site delivers on its promises.

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